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For the health of your trees, consult with a certified arborist

Tree Services in Rochester, MN

Trees can become overgrown and intrude upon your home or business, and they can become damaged or fall over because of strong winds. When you need a company to prune, shape or remove trees from your property, Powell-Clark Tree Service is the company to call. With a certified arborist on staff, our team of professionals offers the following services:
  • Grinding stumps
  • Pruning, trimming and shaping trees
  • Apple Scab Treatments
  • Removing and hauling away trees
  • Emerald Ash Borer Treatments
  • Ask us about Cambistat for the health of your trees

Consulting Services

Along with the above tree services, we want to help you avoid losing trees during the construction of your new home or business or during renovations that expand your property. Builders and developers are good at what they do, but they can cause unnecessary damage to trees. Some examples of construction-related tree damage include nicks in the bark, broken roots, compacted soil and broken branches. Have your trees inspected for any issues before purchasing an existing home.

When you hire Powell-Clark Tree Service for consulting purposes, we work with you and the builder or developer to determine which trees can survive the long haul after ... Read more

Certifications and Licenses

The license number of our certified arborist is #MN-4034A. We also have a tree inspector and pesticide applicator license, and our pesticide license number is 20078516. In the unlikely event of an accident at work, we are fully insured.

Trees are valuable, so don't let them be destroyed unnecessarily. When there is no chance of saving a tree, however, we can take care of removing it. Call us to make an appointment for a free estimate or to get more information about our tree services at (507) 282-6199.