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General Tree Services in Rochester, MN

Powell-Clark Tree Service is a complete tree care business, so we offer a range of services from pruning and shaping trees to removing trees and grinding the stumps. We remain updated on all the latest care, disease identification and prevention techniques.

Grinding Stumps

We use three machines of different sizes to perform stump grinding on the varied stump sizes that trees leave behind. If your property is fenced in, we can maneuver the machines through the gate to gain access to the tree stump.

Pruning, Shaping and Trimming Trees

Properly pruning, shaping and trimming trees requires skill and expertise. Every tree needs to be pruned to enhance its structure. It's also critical that tree trimming be performed during the right time of year because doing so at the wrong time can damage or kill the tree.

Removing Trees

At Powell-Clark Tree Service, we have special equipment to handle tree removal no matter how small or big the project is. Our Teco bucket truck can reach up to 60 feet. We also have a crane service and expert climbers to complete larger jobs that simply can't be done with the bucket truck. To haul away the remaining brush, debris and wood, we use a Prentice CLAM loader truck.

Treating Trees

Diseases and pests can affect the health of trees, sometimes killing them, and diagnosing the problem is the first thing we do. Based on the issue, we will treat your trees with the appropriate treatment or soil injection. This involves fully covering the foliage or using a tree-friendly unit that doesn't leave openings in the tree.
Please contact us to learn more about our consulting services for trees on construction properties. Call us at (507) 282-6199 to make an appointment or to ask questions about the tree services we offer.